Italian Late Garlic

Italian Late garlic

Italian Late garlic is a popular softneck garlic. Photo courtesy of

Italian Late is a softneck artichoke garlic that is easy to grow and very popular in a variety of dishes.

Italian Late is ready for harvest in mid-season and is a very long-storing garlic, with many growers choosing it in order to have a garlic available for sale or use well into winter and sometimes into spring depending on the season.

Like many other artichoke garlics, it will tolerate a wide range of growing conditions and can fare well in warmer climates that other garlics such as Rocamboles struggle in.

Italian Late garlic typically has 6-8 large cloves per bulb and its has more purple in its clove wrappers than other artichoke garlics do, giving it a nice visual pop for anyone selling garlic at farmer’s markets.

It has a robust, rich taste but not too hot or overwhelming as other garlics can be.

Italian Late does have a stronger taste than many artichokes, though, making it a nice compromise for garlic fans who want a long-storing garlic that still has a full flavor and isn’t too bland.


Italian Late Garlic Grower Notes

  • “Early-mid harvest…popular softneck variety is one of our best-tasting and most pungent cooking types. All of the best qualities of garlic are bred into this cultivar. Can be stored for 6-9 months after harvest.” –
  • “Even though this is called Italian Late, this softneck garlic variety is actually ready for harvest mid season. Rich, pungent flavor makes this excellent for cooking and suitable for only the bravest to eat raw. Keeps well for 6-9 months and braids beautifully.” – Easy to Grow Bulbs
  • “Very aromatic with a rich, robust flavor, this softneck garlic generates garlic cloves that are perfect for any culinary dish. Can store for 6-9 months yet retains full flavor. 100 days to maturity.” – Gardens Alive!