Majestic Garlic

majestic garlic

Majestic garlic is a Porcelain variety that grows best in colder climates. Photo courtesy of Rasa Creek Farm.

Majestic garlic is a hardneck Porcelain variety that is credited to Paul Pospisil of Beaver Pond Estates as far as popularizing it and making it available to other growers.

Like other Porcelains, Majestic generally prefers colder climates and can produce large bulbs ranging from 2″ to 3″ or more in diameter. Its flavor is on the milder side.

Majestic garlic and other Porcelains generally mature later in the growing season than other garlic varieties and are excellent keepers with a long storage life — sometime keeping until the next spring after harvest.

Porcelains are also typically some of the most disease and drought resistant of garlics, although they do struggle in warm climates with mild winters and early springs.

Majestic garlic remains relatively rare some it may be difficult to find when looking for seed stock to begin growing it.


Majestic Garlic Grower Notes

  • “Kind and generous, seasoned and wise, Majestic is a nut that has fallen close to the mother tree. Mr. Paul Pospisil (of Beaver Pond Estates and editor of the Garlic News) is responsible for “creating” this cultivar, and his sincere pursuit of the perfect Porcelain is palpable as we grow and enjoy Majestic’s nobility, grace and sublime character.” – Rasa Creek Farm
  • “The last few years Majestic grows into 2.5 to 3″ bulbs and are the hardiest most disease resistance bulbs in the field. Due to the colder than average season, this year the bulbs size are still a large size at 2.25-2.5″ bulbs which is one of our largest growing bulbs this year. Majestic has shown to be a tried and true producer of the largest garlic bulbs resulting from the the largest growing plant in the garlic field.” – Keene Organics