Nootka Rose Garlic

nootka rose garlic

Nootka Rose garlic photo courtesy of Garlic Stone Farm

Nootka Rose garlic is a heirloom softneck Silverskin that came from the San Juan Islands of Washington State. Steve Bensel of Nootka Rose Farm in Waldron, Washington is generally credited with popularizing the variety.

Its white skin and rose-tinged clove wrappers give it visual appeal and its one of the later maturing and longer-storing garlics.

Like other softnecks, Nootka Rose tolerates heat in southern states better than many other garlic varieties.

Most growers describe it as having a bold, robust taste with medium to hot flavor. Bulbs tend to the larger size for a Silverskin and Nootka Rose will typically have 15-20 cloves per bulb.

Nootka Rose garlic is a favorite with many growers as it can be braided and is visually very appealing.

Its late maturation and long storage time helps stretch out the selling season as far as having fresh garlic available for sale late into the year.

Nootka Rose Garlic Grower Notes

  • A beautiful garlic from the San Juan Islands of Washington State, this late harvester exemplifies the term: Stinking Rose. It boasts beauty and flavor. And as if that isn’t enough, it also stores well—up to a YEAR! – Garlic Stone Farm
  • “Cloves streaked red on mahogany background with solid red clove tips. Medium to large bulbs and very attractive braided. Strong flavor. This is one of our most popular. – Filaree Garlic Farm
  • “It makes an excellent braider and you can strip off the bulb wrappers down to the cloves and use its burgundy-on-rosewood appearance as an attractive table centerpiece for that special occasion.This very imperial looking garlic has a taste as bold as its looks. It has the full flavored character typical of silverskins and its parchment-like bulb wrappers are easy to peel.” – Gourmet Garlic Gardens
  • “Pure white bulbs, with nice uniform shape for a Silver Skin. Medium heat with a smooth finish…In the garden, they have long plant leaves and make quite impressive braids. 12-15 cloves per bulb. 60-75 cloves per bulb. Mid to late harvest. Stores 8 months. – Hood River Garlic
  • “Nootka Rose has become a favorite softneck variety on organic farms throughout the northwest. Beautiful white skin with rose colored clove wrappers and long necks that are perfect for braiding. The late maturity of this variety, compared to other softneck and hard neck garlics, may contribute to its better tolerance to rust in the spring. –