Easy garlic bread

Garlic bread photo courtesy of HallNesting.com.

Garlic bread is a perfect complement to spaghetti and many other Italian dishes but it goes well with just about anything — and can turn into a meal itself when you can’t stop eating it!

There are countless different recipes for garlic bread but below you’ll find a quick and easy way of making garlic bread that is ready in under twenty minutes from start to finish.

Italian and French bread both work well with this recipe but you can experiment with other breads as well.

This recipe is for toasted garlic bread but you can also use the same basic recipe and wrap it in aluminum foil instead of cooking it exposed on a baking pan as the recipe calls for.


1 loaf of Italian, French, or other bread

1/2 cup of softened butter

3 finely minced garlic cloves

1 tbsp of chopped fresh parsley

1 tsp of chopped fresh rosemary

1/4 cup of grated Parmesan cheese

Salt to taste

Garlic Bread Cooking Directions:

1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees as you peel and mince your garlic cloves. Mince finely and periodically crush the pieces into your cutting board with the side of your knife.
2. Soften the butter and mix butter, garlic, parsley, rosemary, and salt together in a bowl.
3. Cut your loaf of bread in half and slather on the butter mixture onto each half.
4. Place bread on a baking pan and heat in over for about ten minutes.
5. If adding Parmesan, remove bread from oven and sprinkle on Parmesan.
6. Finish heating the bread on the broiler setting, with the bread and pan on the highest rack.
7. Cook for a few minutes, carefully watching bread to make sure it doesn’t burn.
8. Remove from oven and serve immediately, slicing bread as desired.